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Want to start your own business?

64% of the workforce want to start their own business but do not have the funds, 1 in 4 people have a side hustle adding 72 billion to the UK economy. Start a business with us for less than £200

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Have a business or service you provide?

Maybe you have a business already, or you provide a part time service then you are already one step ahead. You already know something about sales and service and have people you can sell amazing products to.

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Have many contacts on social media?

Whether this be friends and family or you have built a following through the many social networking sites. Wondering how you can make money from any size friends, likes or following then this is ideal for you.

Earn an extra income or just get free products.

If you want to earn an extra £200 to £500 a month or get huge discounts and free products that you love by simply sharing your experiences of our products with your social media networks, friends and family or by sharing an affiliate link and earning from any sales generated! Then you need to speak to one of our team today who can get your started. Just book a no obligation call today and speak to one of our experts.


Pandemic proof business in a box ready to go!

There is also an opportunity to run your own 'mini franchise' with us and be mentored, trained and motivated by our highly experienced team leaders to help you towards a possible full time income that has so far proved to be completely pandemic proof. Getting paid on the 15th of the month from the UK and a possible other 165 countries online could bring you some peace of mind in these worrying times and also give you something positive and exciting to be part of. Most of all, unlike everything else in the economy right now it is something that will be completely within your control. Working entirely from home with our online support!


How it works

You purchase a business in a box giving you everything you need to get started for just £199.75 this will include products worth more than this and a toolkit and roadmap to your success. On top of this you will get a lifetime mentor for free, our mentors have been in business for over 25 years and the knowledge and support they provide is priceless. This whole opportunity gives you the product, system, and one of our team as your lifetime mentor (for free!) to allow you to work from home to create an extra income, replacement income, a complete new lifestyle business from literally anywhere!


Your business in a box includes

£260 worth of our top selling products All the tools and literature you need to get started Access to our exclusive team training group and community Access to daily virtual office sessions for support and motivation Your own experienced mentor for your first 90 days working one to one with you on YOUR GOALS An immediate 30% discount on the entire product range worldwide which will be your profit when you make sales Your own affiliate link allowing you to earn just by sending a link to people.


Facts you never knew

There are so many new companies, new ways of making an extra income but the word new means more work. By working with an established company that gives you everything you need and a network of support you are starting at a higher level, Forever living was




Global sales




Home Business Owners their experience

Forever gave me the opportunity to spend the first summer off with my children through their whole childhood. Having a busy career in Oil & Gas hadn't previously allowed me that privilege. I've now had 10 summers off them and no longer work a 9-5! Plus I earn triple my corporate salary - win win!

Debbie Nwanga


My husband and I were both able to leave our low paid, high stress careers as paramedics after a very short time of working hard and smart with Forever. This has given us the opportunity to travel europe for several months a year in our campervan with our Daughter Isabella and our two dogs

Kelly Colley

West Midlands

I feel in love with the products after doing a C9, I was naturally raving about how good the program was so all my friends were interested in finding out more. I was told I'd be great at selling them so I signed up. It may never be a full time for me as I want to be a vet but the extra monthly income paid off my credit card and even allowed me to put a deposit down on my first car

Tallulah Butler


I started with Forever during the first lockdown of 2020. I'm personal trainer with a good client base who I love, however, the lockdown showed me I needed an online income too. I set up some classes for people to log into and helped them with their lockdown plans incorporating the Forever C9, Argi+ and heat lotion. My sales went wild. Thank you!

Heidi Henderson


I joined to get a discount on the products I was earning then I realised that discount could be profit if I could drive some traffic to my affiliate link, I started making some videos with the shakes and skincare on social media, added my link to my bio...not expecting much and woke up one day to a £300 order. I was completely doubtful and now I am excited to see how much more money I can make from social media whilst I sleep!

Martin Lang